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Article:Taking You Closer to Your Home

Taking You Closer to Your Home

For a change, a lighter article from me. Better way to utilize your Eid holidays.

Computing itself is considered to be English. However, a first year electronics engineer graduate can tell you that it’s all about 0s and 1s. However, English has become the default language of computing. But there are several initiatives taken by the language lovers all over the world to move computing from English to their native languages.

Now Windows interfaces are available in the language of your choice, increasing the personalization to your mother tongue. Office tools can have non-English interfaces. You can send and receive mails in your language, chat in your language, design websites in your language and send SMS in your language. Search for Microsoft Language Interface Pack (LIP) and it shall take you to the right site.

Unicode technology has made it possible to have standardization across the technology.

All you need to do is to go to Control Panel, Regional Language and Settings, Add support for Asian Languages, Click on details and add the keyboard of the preferred language. Now open Word or any application and start typing in your language. Do search on the websites on your language. Numerous language dictionaries, computing dictionaries and websites are available in several languages. It’s bigger than the English Internet. It’s closer to your heart now.

Now there is a problem though! How am I going to learn typing in my language? It’s very easy. It just takes 15 minutes. Or you have another choice. Microsoft has introduced a Phonetic tool. Just type it in English with the phonetics of your language, and bingo! You get your Unicode characters in your language on the screen.

It’s really a dramatic experience and a memorable one when I learnt to type in my mother tongue. When I wrote a mail to my mom in the language she can read and understand, I realized the impact of introducing our languages into the world of computing.

Do you want to experience the same? Get started!

~Mohan Krishnamurthy


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