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Security and password protection

"They got someone's password, and sent an email to our CFO, who sent the $40,000 wire transfer."
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ISODA announces new management committee for 2018-2019

The tenth AGM of ISODA (Infotech Software Dealers Association) announced N K Mehta as its Chairman and Gunasegharan Krishnan as the association’s President for this year.  The Infotech Software Dealers Association (ISODA) concluded its Annual General meeting last week in Mahabalipuram.  It was 10th year of the formation of ISODA incepted in 2008 by a handful of channel companies and its owners primarily to fight the taxation structure for software industry at that time.  ISODA has now grown into a full-fledged and active IT association encompassing over 180 members including channel companies, tech OEMs and others.    Prashant Jain of JNR Management Resources and ISODA member presided over the election of new management committee (MC) at 10th AGM  My immediate priority as the chairperson of one of India’s Premium IT Associations ISODA is to create a five year leadership plan, for a better focus on long term vision and thus make a visible difference for ISODA and i

Are you FAST enough for SAST & DAST?

Banking and Financial Sector companies have come a long way from the conventional banking system to modern means of providing various services to the customers at their finger trips. Long days of wait for cheque clearances, long queues at tellers and the rate of which each transaction used to occur is long gone. Now you have Internet Banking System, Mobile Banking System, and Interactive Video Customer Services. Opening of bank accounts through tablets right from the customer’s home, online transactions through NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer), RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement), IMPS (Immediate Payment Service), payment wallets and several such new features have modernized and simplified banking activities. Technology brings fantastic benefits. However, the IT teams of these financial sector organizations who are into modernization face tremendous challenges. On the customer front, they need to ensure intuitive, colourful and easy to use customer interfaces that ensure t

Knocking-off NAC, just not yet!

Happiest days of Networking? Desktop wired to a face plate, wired back to the switches and you must be physically present to access the local or corporate network resources. Then came the flexibility of laptops. You can carry it wherever you want. Presentation at a customer place, no issues. Design your presentation, off-you go, attach to the projector at the conference room and deliver a presentation. But back to the office network, you need that magic RJ-45 Ethernet cable to get hooked to the corporate network. One file server, and one print server, and somewhat advanced networks you used to have mail servers. Then came the wireless networks. Laptops needed a PCMCIA card to make your connection wirelessly. Yet, some control with the network administrators. Introduction of built-in wireless devices, introduction of smart phones, tablets and umpteen other devices resulted in complete loss of control and administrators now with sophisticated designations as ‘Security Administrato

Make way for SDP

My grandfather often used to recollect his father’s advice: Never buy lands beyond what your eyes can see! Obviously, beyond your direct vision of your lands, nobody knows who is utilizing them, and how. Drawing the analogy to the modern-day Network Managers, you can’t manage the network you can’t see. Modern day networks are large and complex with disparate systems, security and monitoring tools. Often, these tools are purchased and deployed to address one immediate requirement with no deep-down thinking or long term thought process. Network managers are left with so many stove-pipe solutions and many places to look at when it comes to troubleshooting. Compliance to various security agencies and government requirements mean more and more security tools. Put together can these tools are able to still leave them with a good night’s sleep is still a question. Network Visibility is becoming a key discussion point in all IT discussions. How much you know about your network and how

Infographic: Physical Security in 2016

Please include attribution to with this graphic. Courtesy: Ingram Micro

Information highway or information lane?

Another article published by Gulf Daily News in Your Views Section today - "Facing Challenges" Facing challenges   Posted on » Tuesday, December 23, 2014 New country, new people, new work environment, opportunity to learn a new culture and a tax-free salary package; a dream for any expatriate to choose to work in the Gulf countries. However, the initial excitement fades away if homework is not done properly. Later, it turns into a challenge as well. Income of an expatriate has to be divided into three '“ one portion to spend for living here, one portion to be sent home to take care of their parents or family left behind, and the third goes into future planning '“ as most of them have pension-less jobs offering no security post retirement. So the direct conversion of dinars into home currency might have created an excitement, but when the same gets divided into three portions, it makes you blink at the stark reality. One has to lead a below average life here to save for the other two portions.

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