Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Saturday Football Fever - With the Winning Team

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Winners

From Left to right: Mr. Nabeel Almoayed, Mr. Pawan Mehta, Dr. Nawaf Almoayed and Mr. Ahmed Almoayed

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011 Winner of the "Best ICT Solutions Provider" award - Its Almoayed Group again!

Our Director Dr. Nawaf Almoayed receiving the award from the Deputy Prime Minister

2009 Winner for the "Best ICT Solutions Provider" - Almoayed Group WLL

Our Chairman Mr. Nabeel Almoayed receiving the award from the Deputy Prime Minister

Best ICT Solutions Provider Award

Best ICT Solutions Provider Award

This award recognizes the ICT vendor that has successfully supported Bahrain government initiatives in Information Technology by providing products, solutions, and/or consultancy services. The winner must have proof of offering innovative, cost effective and enhanced solutions through implementing core ICT activities that lead towards better business practices. This award aims to achieve the following:
•Motivate the ICT vendors to provide better services to the government agencies.
•Create a perception among the ICT vendors about the quality level of the services or solutions expected by the government.
•Create a competition among the ICT vendors to provide better services.

Entry criteria
•The applicant must be operating within the Kingdom of Bahrain.
•The applicant must have a valid Company Registration (CR).
•The applicant must be utilizing ICT technology.
•The ICT solution should be operating at the time of application

Evaluation Criteria
•Cost savings and/or efficiency enhancements provided to the client. (Provide list of clients)
•Sustainability and scalability for the services rendered
•Project effectiveness with regards to efficiency or resources used (Project implementation plan & adherence to timelines, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, defined deliverables)
•Compliances towards standards.